Australia’s Largest
EV charging

We make hosting and managing chargers easy for organisations and destinations, and partner with fleet managers, vehicle manufacturers and hire-car providers to keep drivers moving.

Every day thousands of drivers charge their vehicle on the Netbay EV network - the largest and fastest growing EV charging network in Australia.

We're owned and operated by the Netbay Group, which we provide 500+ high-rise buildings with super fast broadband internet for the last 24 years.

One network. Many providers.
Every EV.

Access thousands of chargers from charging partners in Victoria, regardless of the EV you drive.


Wherever you are, you're not far from a Netbay EV charger. Join over 100,000 drivers accessing Australia's largest EV charging network


Whatever the size, location and type of business you're in, we can help you host EV chargers for customers or staff, and electrify your vehicle fleet.


Whether you're local, state or federal we can help electrify your fleet and provide charging for staff, residents and visitros.


The leading provider of charger & electric vehicle management solutions.

Netbay EV works with hundreds of companies and government agencies across Australia to provide EV charger and vehicle management solutions, and to keep staff and customers charged.

Hosting Chargers

Attract new audiences, build loyalty and increase customer spend by hosting EV chargers.

Vehicle subscriptions

Provide your new vehicle owners or customer with free access to Australia's largest charging network.

Fleet and Rental Solutions

Simple, comprehensive solutions for fleet operators and rental car providers to transition to, manage, and charge an electric fleet.

Pre-paid charger packs

Reward your customers and keep them moving with pre-paid EV charger credit valid nation-wide.

Who is Netbay EV?

We’re Australia’s largest and fastest growing EV charging network. We’re committed to making charging simple, affordable and fast for everyone - because simpler charging means more EVs on the road, and that’s a very good thing.

Bringing drivers and chargers together on one platform, built right here in Australia.


App downloads

Australian drivers across every make and model use the Netbay EV app to charge their vehicle.


Public charging plugs

Public charging plugs are available on the network right across Australia with over 100 added every month.



Netbay is owned and operated by Australia’s largest network of roadside assist and insurance providers.


Charges daily

Every day thousands of drivers across Australia charge their vehicle on the Netbay EV network

Charging Network

Australia’s largest EV charging network

The Netbay EV platform brings together chargers operated by businesses and governments all over Australia, giving you access to the largest and fastest growing EV charging network - all in one place.



Open & universal


Got questions?

Thinking about getting into your first Netbay EV or maybe you manage a fleet of hundreds. You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers.

Simply download the Netbay EV app for iPhone or Android, create an account, plug in, and start your charging session. The app will let you know in realtime how your charge is going so you don’t need to keep checking back.

There are lots of reasons to install EV chargers at your premises. Installing public EV charging has been shown to increase customer loyalty, grow revenue, and attract new customers. It’s also a great way to demonstrate your sustainability values.

Absolutely. Netbay can help you manage and monitor private chargers. We provide solutions for workplaces, residential developments, fleets and much more.

Netbay is the network of networks. By adding your chargers to the Netbay network you are joining hundreds of organisations featuring thousands of chargers. Over 95% of EV drivers use Netbayto find their next Charge so your chargers will be visible to almost every EV owner.

You’ll also get full payment management and settlement, advanced reporting and analytics and 24/7 support – all whilst maintaining full pricing control.

We will also immediately notify you or a maintenance provider automatically if your chargers go offline for any reason.

No. Netbay provides the software and services for organisations to manage and monitor their chargers and the app for drivers to find, use and pay for charging.

If you are interested in installing chargers pleas contact us and we will refer you to our trusted hardware installers in your area. We work closely with these installers throughout the process to get your chargers added to Australia’s largest EV charging network.

With a Netbay subscription or prepaid charger pack you can provide your customers or staff with access to the largest public EV charging network in Australia.

Your chosen drivers will be able to charge their car at all public chargers on the Netbay network with absolutely no cost to them.

There are lots of benefits in transitioning to an electric fleet including; much lower ‘fuel’ and maintenance costs, superior vehicle reliability, the convenience of on-site charging, as well as the environmental and health benefits.

We make transitioning to and managing an electric fleet simple by providing you a custom fleet solution including:

  • RFIDs linked to each vehicle
  • Monitor your vehicles & chargers
  • Charge at your chargers
    and 1500+ public chargers
  • Track vehicle energy use nationwide
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